Sometimes You Should Splurge

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In my twenties, I wished I could be Carrie from Sex and the City. I watched her on TV one day as she opened the doors of a beautiful penthouse in New York and took in the skyline view with her boyfriend, Big. I was pretty sure I’d never have that life.

And then it dawned on me that it could be my life for a few days. I could rent a penthouse.

I wrestled with guilt over whether or not I should plan a lavish getaway. There are always reasons not to travel with your girlfriends: saving money for emergencies, retirement, friends’ upcoming weddings, etc. I was always looking ahead. Did I want to wait until my sixties before I indulged? No.

When I started looking for vacation packages I let the pricing overwhelm me. I looked at articles regarding ways to save money on vacation. I was offered advice such as pack my own sheets and a bed topper and stay in a cheaper room, pack picnics, research airfare opportunities months in advance and fly coach. It became a great deal of work to think about ways to save money on having fun. It also began to feel like a drag of trip when the idea was to feel spoiled and a little bit ridiculous in the first place.

After lengthy debate, I convinced my girlfriends to throw caution to the wind. We chose Florida because going overseas was not an option. We made a pact with each other that we’d do everything we wanted on this one vacation. For me, it meant not travelling the next year. This trip would cost what I normally afforded in two trips. I knew the bulk of my expenses would be airfare and lodging. Then I budgeted for the most expensive restaurants I could find. At first, it felt strange to look for the most expensive places to stay and to eat, but I quickly found freedom in choosing what I wanted instead of what I could normally merely “afford.” I set a spending limit on souvenirs, and then allowed myself to go over by $1000.

The result was simple: it was the most enjoyable vacation I ever had. Besides the sheer fun of staying in a penthouse suite with an ocean view and our very own swimming pool, no one worried about money. The planning was far simpler than ever before and we were never at a loss for things to do.

Did I miss not going on vacation the next year? You would think so, but not really. I decided that taking a vacation like our Florida trip every other year was a lot more fun than taking a cheaper vacation every year. Even if I could only vacation lavishly once every five years, I would prefer to do it that way. I think people forget sometimes that the definition of a vacation is freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.

J. Salvage still dreams of living in a New York penthouse. Until then, she’ll continue to vacation lavishly. She works and writes for Penthouse Life.

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