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Holguin welcomes you to a city that is prominent in its tourist trade, the sugar cane industry and entrenched with tropical forests. This Cuban city is a perfect vacation spot for all those who are looking for adventure and life. With you can travel with a cheap vacation to Holguin, Cuba throughout the year. The best time of year to travel on your cheap vacation to Holguin is from December to April. Fly with during their peak season for and find cheap flights to Holguin. One airline ticket to Holguin is around $650.

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One of the most interesting and must see attractions in Holguin is The Hill of The Cross. The landscape of Holguin can be yours once you climb the 458 steps to the top of the hill. At the top you will not only see everything the city has to offer but also a large cross – many locals pilgrimage to the cross on a yearly basis. highly recommends swimming with the dolphins at the Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park. The sights and sounds of this adventure will have you in awe for days to come.
The 25-mile stretch of sandy beaches in Holguin gives way to a relaxing vacation. If you want to step away from the beach for a couple of hours make your way over to Saetia Key’s Nature Park. Go on a jeep safari or horseback riding through the park as you see the unique animals roam free.

Want a little history lesson, recommends stepping out of vacation mode and into The Museo Provincial. The national monument is an old mansion associated with Cuba’s battle of independence.

Cheap Vacations to Cuba for less with and you will never want to leave! As Christopher Columbus once said Holguin is considered “the most beautiful land ever seen by human eyes” believes that this and only this will have you booking your next cheap vacation right now to Holguin, the city of relaxation and history!