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When you have everything booked highly recommends planning at least one or two adventures before you head on the plane to Acapulco. One of the most prominent attractions in Acapulco is watching the Cliff Divers. Be sure to bring your camera, as this sight is a must to be captured on film!

Visit Zocalo for some local food, and shops. At this public square tourists will take in everything Mexican. After you visit the public square make the trip to The Fort of San Diego where the museum will provide you with a history of Acapulco that you will want to take a few hours to take in.

Ready to go on a thrill ride – than go bungee jumping, sky coasting or parasailing. The views from up above are as beautiful as ever.

If you are in the mood to take the kids to the park head on over to Cici Water Park where you can swim with the dolphins. Or head on over to El Castillo de Los Movis, a newly created theme park where you can enjoy restaurants, the park itself or the beaches of Pie de la Cuesta.

Fun for the whole family, Acapulco has much to offer its tourists. It’s perfect beaches, nightlife and all things Mexican Acapulco is a perfect cheap vacation to travel with the whole family! Book with and you will find great travel deals you will not think twice about being a tourist of Acapulco next week! The beauty of Acapulco awaits you.