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Now all that you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Belize City as you and your fellow travelers will soon be encompassed in the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere, ancient Mayan sites and beautifully lush tropical rainforests. Enjoy all the beauty that nature has intended for all who visit Belize by visiting the barrier reef, home to hundreds upon hundreds of islands, the Great Blue Hole and of course diving and snorkeling spots. Spend the day at Ben Loman’s Cave or St. George’s Cave. Take a boat out to Gales Point where you will be immersed in the conservation minded community of Creole. St. George’s cave served as a capital to the buccaneer Baymen. If you can, recommends making the drive to Altun Ha. Here you will be surrounded by 25 square miles of two central plazas surrounded by temples that tower over. Speckles of land close in the Altun Ha. The Temple of the Green Tomb lays in Plaza A. Considered a mysterious tomb skins, jewelry, jade and flints are found among the some three hundred remnants. Other drives that must be done is to the Community Baboon Sanctuary, the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park or the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will enjoy the beauty of the endangered Belizean native black howler monkey. Take a day trip to the Belize Zoo and take a walk along the trail to enjoy the natural habitat of Belize.

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