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A quaint village that is wrapped around a semi-circle of golden sand beach can be your next perfect destination when you decide to venture of to Cabarete for the week or two. will provide you with a cheap vacation and help guide you to some of the best activities to partake in and sights to see while on the gorgeous stretch of beach.

Find a cheap deal on for just over $1000. There are a variety of resorts that align the golden sandy beach so take your pick as to whether you wish to spend $1000 or $3000, either or will provide you with a cheap deal no matter where you rest your head at night. Feel like jetting off tomorrow for a perfect cheap all-inclusive getaway then head on over to the deals or last minute section located on the website where you can find a great deal for around $800.

Cabarete not only has a perfect semi-circle of golden sandy beach but also a tranquil lagoon and immense tropical vegetation, so much perfection that you truly may never want to leave. Because of the winds that are created this is a perfect destination for kite boarding, windsurfing and of course surfing at El Encuentro beach. Even if you are not a pro at any of these sports and don’t feel like getting wet and partaking in them you can watch from the shore at how wondrous these sports really are. Dive into wakeboarding, scuba diving, mountain biking or cascading. recommends if you are truly looking for an adventure to go cascading, it really is a thrill of a lifetime. There is a plethora of bars, discos, a casino and restaurants within Cabarete so you will always be doing something while in this perfect town even when the sun goes down. Go on a tour of Mount Isabel where you can take in the history and perfect view of the Dominican. Located 45 minutes away from Cabarete Mount Isabel is something for all to see. Another great place to venture off to is Sousa, just 15 minutes away from Cabarete. Here you will be encompassed in heaven if you are a diver as popular dives take off in Sousa Bay. Finally recommends going on a tour of the Yasica Jungle River. Just under a 30-minute drive from the city there are boat tours that provides you with all the necessary information you need in understanding the area. There is also a zoo on-site.

Cabarete is a perfect destination for those looking for a little adventure or a lot of sun time, either or will help you find that perfect package for less.