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Travel back into time to the “White City” of Costa Rica and fall in love with the simple colonial lifestyle. Your cheap vacation to Liberia, Costa Rica awaits you with cheap airline tickets and accommodations with

When booking your cheap vacation to Liberia you have some choices that should come into consideration before you click on confirm booking – if you like booking step by step your own cheap vacation than take a look at airline tickets and accommodations separately. If you choose this way of vacationing than find a cheap flight to Liberia for $770 and accommodations for $77 per night. Some of the cheap hotels in Liberia are located right beside the airport as many people consider Liberia as a stopover destination. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica are located in Liberia, so double check when you book your hotel that it is along the most perfect beaches Costa Rica has to offer!

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With these cheap all inclusive deals, you will be making this one of your top vacation destinations for years to come! Liberia has much to offer its tourists, everything from horseback riding to shopping, this town lacks nothing but less tourists than most cities in Costa Rica, a plus certainly for those who decide to create memories of a perfect vacation here!

Take a walk through the city to see why it is called The White City. With many of the buildings made up of cattle dung and straw the colonial world comes to light when walking down the streets. Follow the path to the city centre where the Plaza Central is at the middle of the town. Here you will be immersed in the culture of Liberia through Iglesia Immaculada Concepcion e Maria the modern church of Liberia, or La Agonia the oldest church of the town.

Walk through the streets and see howler monkeys swinging from Guanacaste trees, the national tree of Costa Rica! Make sure you bring your camera as you walk through town to capture this most perfect memory.

Kendeja National Cultural Centre and the Sapo National Park provide tourists with a history and wildlife lesson. Each unique in their own way, both true sights to see! Love to fish, go fishing in Lake Piso. Or spend the day by the beach and tatke in the beauty of the land as you listen to the waves falling upon the shore.

The elegance of Liberia awaits you and your guests, now all you have to is make a few clicks on and sooner rather than later you will have the most perfect cheap vacation to Liberia!