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With so much to see in San Jose you may never want to leave! Travel to Zoo Avenue where creatures of the world are present here, or go to the Butterfly Farm and see the beauty of the fluttery creatures.

Take in history as you go to Las Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles, a church where it is said that the statue of the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared.

The art within San Jose is something to be in awe over. Make your way over to the Museo de Arte Costarricense or the Galeria Ocelote and take a step back into the beauty of history.

Love coffee – well you’re just going to have to take a little vacation for the afternoon to Café Britt Farm. See all of the different steps to the whole coffee process, and while your there don’t forget to buy some tasty coffee.

See a bullfight, soccer game or travel just outside of San Jose to see Volcan Arenal, the most breathtaking volcano in Central America.

The most magical gardens to see, Lankester Gardens yields to over 1000 varietals of orchids. Administered by the University of Costa Rica walk through the trails and see the orchids in bloom wherever you walk off to!

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