Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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There are thousands of botanical gardens in this world, each providing us all with some of the most beautiful flowering sights there are. There are those that bloom when it’s winter here, and those that take a liking to showcasing just how beautiful their greenhouses are (and how hot they are for that matter). One of our favourite botanical gardens are The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. We say this not just because it’s free admission into the gardens, but because as you stroll through the massive park, you will soon seen a whole slew of cherry blossoms that are awaiting your photo. The breathtaking 52-acres of gardens are located in the heart of Brooklyn and provide you with a little insight into how the world of planting occurs. Strolling through The Japanese Hill & Pond Garden you will be taken to the serenity of a Japanese garden, then escaping to The Fragrance Garden you’ll enjoy all the sweet smells a garden provides us. Feel like you’re miles and miles away in The Desert House, or explore the uniqueness of Bonsai Trees in The Bonsai Museum. From a lily-pad pond to the elegant Cranford Rose Garden, every step you take you will feel a little closer to the beauty of nature while here.

One of the lovely things about these botanical gardens is that there are a plethora of activities for kids to get lost in while here, and with school visits, and adult and family workshops, you’ll all leave with a green thumb or two.

When walking through these botanical gardens leave only footprints and take only photos. Enjoy the sheer bliss of taking in the beauty of flowering blossoms from around the world at The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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