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A province filled with culture with a twist of their native land, Puerto Plata is not just a cheap vacation destination but also a land of beautiful beaches, culture and life all rolled into one! When you are all ready to put your booking skills to work type in into your computer and click away to book your perfect cheap vacation to Puerto Plata!

The beauty of Puerto Plata is that you cannot only book cheap flights and hotels, but you can also book with vacation packages and cheap vacation packages deals that you won’t want to let slide away.

Fly your mouse over to the flights tab where you will find cheap flights to Puerto Plata for as low as $540 during the peak travel season of December to April to Puerto Plata. With the sun at its peak during this time in the Dominican Republic book your cheap flights early to get the best travel deals you can find on Booking your hotel and cheap flights separate lets you decide exactly where you want to stay along the coast of Puerto Plata. Hotels in Puerto Plata range from $90 to $350 per night.

If you want to brag to your friends about the cheap vacation to Puerto Plata that you found on than check out the “Packages” tab on the top toolbar. Here you will find vacation packages at some of the best hotels for $1400. A perfect price for a perfect cheap vacation to Puerto Plata.

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When all of your vacation needs are booked with now is the time to browse through all the attractions that Puerto Plata has to offer. First and foremost if you love adventure than take a ride on the wild side as you tour up high on a cable car. Atop Mount Isabel you will see the picturesque world of Puerto Plata down below. If you aren’t up for the complete adventure that comes with a cable car ride than a perfect way to see Puerto Plata from up above is with a helicopter ride.

El Morro National Park is awaiting you. As you walk through this park you will see many unique species of birds.

The beaches here are endless but highly recommends traveling to the city centre and the Amber Museum. Dive into a history lesson of Puerto Plata here or at the San Felipe Port where you will see the only vestige of Puerto Plata’s colonial past.

Dolphin encounters, safari rides, and much, much more, Puerto Plata has any adventure you can think of for less! A town with great culture and perfect beaches it you will want to book your next cheap vacation to Puerto Plata right away. Come fly away with to the province of Puerto Plata.