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Deemed ‘The Gateway to the Caribbean’, Santo Domingo is a must as a travel destination. As it is the largest city in the Dominican Republic be prepared for exquisite sights and memories that will last a lifetime as you walk through the streets of Santo Domingo. Book your cheap vacation to Santo Domingo today with in a few quick steps!

If you are planning a cheap vacation to Santo Domingo makes it very easy to find the perfect cheap flight and accommodations for less. Fly out to Santo Domingo during its peak tourist season, which is during the summer months for under $800.

While your cheap flight is being booked scroll that mouse on over to the “Hotels” tab. Here you will find accommodations for around $90 per night. The accommodations in Santo Domingo are some of the finest so be prepared to indulge in city and beach life all rolled into one!

Right when you step foot in Santo Domingo it’s imperative to head over to see the sights of the oldest street in the Americas, Calle De Las Damas. Also known as the Street of Ladies, it attracts tourists because of its colonial allure. As you walk through the street you will walk back in time, head on over to The Fortaleza Ozama where the oldest fort of the Americas stands tall.

Pay homage to Christopher Columbus in Santo Domingo when viewing the Columbus Lighthouse Monument. Nearly 700 feet long and in the shape of a cross it is said to hold Columbus’ remains, though it is a mystery as to where he was truly laid to rest.

If you are in the mood for a history lesson for the day highly recommends traveling into town for the day and seeing as the sights Santo Domingo has to offer. Firstly go to the Plaza de La Cultura, where museums are in abundance. Then take a stroll over to the Museum of the Royal Houses where the history of Santo Domingo will come alive. Then take a walk through the Cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor where you will feel miles away from the real world and step into vacation mode. With its blend of Gothic and Spanish Renaissance architecture this cathedral not only holds much history but also beauty that the heart can feel.

If you are looking for a lesson in the form of pure beauty than your next adventure on your checklist should be to the National Aquarium. Here you will be surrounded by over 3000 unique marine animals, a true sight to see, so don’t forget to bring your camera! Take in the tranquility of Santo Domingo as you talk a nice long walk through Los Tres Ojos National Park and the National Botanical Garden. These two works of natural art will capture the essence of perfection in Santo Domingo.

And it is not a vacation without lying on the beaches of Boca Chica and going to Guacra Taina where the discotheque is open into the wee hours of the morning.

Santo Domingo can be yours today when you take the time to find that perfect hotel, and the cheap flight that matches your needs, whether it be the cheapest or most expensive find a way to make it down to Santo Domingo, you will be happy you did!