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Now that you are on this elegant island with its perfect palm trees, white sandy beaches and hot sun it’s time for you to decide if you want to spend your week on the beach or go on some excursions to through some excitement throughout those hot sunny days. Going to visit Cayo Coco’s Barrier reef is a must as it brings your vacation destination up to a whole new level. Being the second largest in the world it is a true sight to see. Snorkeling expedition are a must when at the Barrier Reef. Take a walk through history as you take a steam train ride through the sugar cane fields and learn how this commodity is so popular to Cuban culture. Enjoy a day out at sea on a relaxing catamaran trip for around $70. Be sure to ask your concierge to find the best catamaran day trip available. If you are looking for something a little more adventure like taking a jungle tour to explore the seas of Cayo Coco on a perfect speed boat and enjoy an underwater snorkeling adventure. Finally if you can get yourself off the sparkling beaches enjoy a day trip to Cuba’s mainland. Spend the day soaking in the history Cuba has to offer.

Named for the White Ibis (locally called the Coco bird), Cayo Coco is one of the most popular islands in a string of small islands located in central Cuba. The island is well known for its lush plant life, gorgeous beaches, and luxury Cayo Coco all inclusive vacations and resorts. Browse the many discount Cayo Coco vacations at and prepare to discover a little piece of paradise!

Things to Do on Cayo Coco Vacations


Cayo Coco offers over 27 km of silky white sand beaches to enjoy on your vacation. Along with the over 4,000 other cayos in the area, Cayo Coco is environmentally protected so you will encounter very little development along the beach and an abundance of beautiful scenery, plants and wildlife, including over 155 species of birds and even full colonies of flamingos.


The Caribbean Sea is warm and welcoming and perfect for many different activities for a variety of different Cayo Coco vacations from singles getaways to family trips. Nearly every water sport is available for you to try out, including kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, deep sea fishing and surfing – or just enjoy swimming in the beautiful blue waves.


If you’re looking to take home some memorable souvenirs from your Cayo Coco vacation, your best bets include rum and Cuban cigars (though Americans cannot bring these home). While a few stores and shops can be found within the hotels the best area to go for authentic local wares is the open air market where local artists display their merchandise.


Visit a cigar factory, take a tour of a sugar mill, or go on a jungle cruise! Vacations to Cayo Coco are bound to include a plethora of interesting activities and sights you have never seen before. At Cienfuegos you can swim with the dolphins or take a boat to the island of Media Luna and discover Pilar Beach where you can snorkel and admire the second largest coral reef in the world. There are many worthwhile tours and activities to take part in – many of which are very cheap. Cayo Coco vacations are not complete without taking in these wonderful sights.

Restaurants and Nightlife

All the Cayo Coco resorts offer fine dining restaurants and bars to choose from, each providing authentic Cuban cuisine as well as more tourist friendly options for those with more delicate palates. The Cigar Lounge not only offers the opportunity to try Cuban cigars before you buy them, but there is also a bar where you can sit back and enjoy bands play.

Things to Know

Flying time to Cayo Coco from:

Toronto: About 3 ½ hours

Montreal: About 4 hours

Calgary: About 6 hours

Vancouver: About 6 hours


Spanish, but English widely spoken in tourist areas.


CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) (US issued credit cards and traveler’s cheques are not accepted in Cuba.)




110V or 220V depending on hotel (converters required)


Canadian citizens going on Cayo Coco vacations require a valid passport to enter Cuba. All other nationalities going on Cayo Coco vacations please consult a vacation specialist or the Cuban Consulate at (416) 234-8181 or the Cuban Tourist Board at (416) 362-0700.

IMPORTANT: Each travelling passenger is responsible to pay a local departure tax in the amount of CUC$25 (subject to change). This fee is payable in cash at the airport prior to boarding your flight

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