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Known for its luscious vegetation and glorious beaches Holguin is the perfect vacation oasis for less. Take a step into the world of and explore cheap vacations to Holguin in just a matter of minutes.

To find your perfect oasis you can chose from Holguin’s ten all-inclusive resorts along the various beaches in the city. Visit so you can find the best cheap vacation you and your gang will love. showcases cheap vacation packages for less than $500 for an all-inclusive ocean view room at a quaint resort. If you know you want to head over to Holguin’s white sandy beaches today click on ‘Deals’ or ‘Last Minute’ where you will find cheap vacation packages to Holguin for around $1000. It is best to book a vacation to Holguin a month or two in advance to ensure you are getting the best deal has to offer.

So now that you have all of your travel plans in order it is time for you to go out there and enjoy your week on the beach. First things first if you love Cuban cigars then recommends visiting a cigar shop to get some of the best cigars in the world.

One of the most fascinating must see attraction in Holguin is The Hill of The Cross. The landscape of Holguin can be viewed by all once you climb the 458 steps to the top of the hill. You will not only see the wonderful city but a large cross to showcase that religion is very prominent in Cuba. On a yearly basis there are many locals that venture to The Hill of The Cross. highly recommends swimming with the dolphins at the Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park. The sights and sounds of this adventure will have you in awe for days to come. You can also go on a whale watching adventure or venture off to the Dolphin Aquarium located in the middle of the bay. At the Dolphin Aquarium loves the traditional, live Cuban music that greets you when you step in aquarium.

The 25-mile stretch of sandy beaches in Holguin gives way to a relaxing vacation especially knowing you are spending less when booking with Step away from the warm, sandy beach for a couple of hours and stroll down to Saetia Key’s Nature Park. Go on a jeep safari or horseback riding through the park as you see various animals roam free.

If you want a little history lesson, recommends stepping out of vacation mode and into The Museo Provincial. The national monument is an old mansion associated with Cuba’s battle of independence.

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