Last Minute Santa Clara, Cuba Vacations

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If you are sick of spending your cheap all-inclusive vacations on a beach for the week then the best spot for you to venture off to on your next vacation is Santa Clara, Cuba. Here you will not only enjoy the Cuban lifestyle but will do so knowing you have spent hardly anything on your vacation as with its all about finding cheap vacations around the world.

Santa Clara can be yours for the week for around $930. You will not only wake up to a beautiful resort but will be able to venture off into all the wonders of Cuba when you book your cheap vacation with Santa Clara is located in the most central region of the country which allows for you and your fellow travelers to be rooted in all things Cuban when book your vacation for less. No matter which resort you choose in Santa Clara you can rest your head at night knowing you saved a whole lot of money because you booked with Click on ‘Vacation Packages’, ‘Last Minute’ or ‘Deals’ to find the best deal on If you are looking to get away as soon as possible note that those last minute deals are the best out there!

The sights in Santa Clara are truly endless for all to see. Even the locals from around Cuba venture to Santa Clara to see the historical sights. The Church of San Juan Bautista in Santa Clara is one of favourite places to visit in Santa Clara. Here you will be enthralled at the church, which stands tall in Santa Clara. This is the most important piece of religious architecture in Santa Clara. Original mahogany ceilings and statues of Christian saints are found within the walls of this beautiful church.

Enjoy a natural spring bath of Elguea just an hour outside of Santa Clara to become healed and healthy after your natural spring bath. As this is an isolated destination it truly is somewhere to let all your cares fly away. There is also a resort, which includes mud baths, massages and swimming pools at Villa Clara where the natural spring bath is located.

Finally take a step back into history when you visit the Che Guevara Monument. The monument showcases a statue of Che Guevara to showcase the victory and his service to Guevara during the Cuban revolution. wants to remind you that the monument is open for 8am to 9pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and on Sundays it is open till 8pm. The entrance fee is free; beside the monument is a museum to showcase the life and times of Che Guevara.

Santa Clara is rich is history and Cuban culture take it all in when you venture to this perfect place right when you step off the plane and head to this most splendid place all the while with the help of and their cheap vacations.