The 411 on Hot Water Beach

Posted on: December 17th, 2013 | admin No Comments

Make sure you pack a toy beach shovel on your trip to New Zealand this time around, as Hot Water Beach is awaiting you. Why a shovel you may ask? Well, that’s easy, it’s because there is an underground river of pure hot water that flows from the interior of the earth that envelopes you with a hot spring that cleanses your soul. Venture off to The Hot Water Beach, located between Tairua and Whitianga, bring your own beach shovel, or rent one from Hotties Café, find a spot and start digging to embrace the beauty of your own personal hot water bath.

Hot Water Beach overlooks the Pacific Ocean and truly is a unique place, because of the natural hot spring that provides you with a spa like experience two hours before or after low tide. The funny thing about this beach is that it’s usually deserted for many hours of the day, but when low tide comes, tourists and locals flock here to envelop themselves in their own spa pool. But, what many tourists are unaware of is that the beach also has a slew of cafes, galleries, and some really great surf. So if you’re in tune with surfing, or like the idea of sitting on this hot beach to watch surfers surf impeccable waves, then go right away, the locals won’t mind. Hot Water Beach is a place to explore if you’re looking for a spa treatment, and the beauty of this treatment is that you don’t have to pay a cent (well, unless you have to rent a shovel!) Enjoy your time at your own hot springs, we’re jealous just thinking about how perfect this place is!

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